Intro post

Name/Nickname:   Zia

Age: 48?  49?  somewhere along there

Location: SWMO

Occupation: LMT and incoming call center

Size: 30-32 - ish

Style: Comfy

Sewing Experience: minimal, but can follow simple patterns, mend, embroider, and play with knifty knitters

Picture:  Don't have one yet as I hate every picture that's ever been taken of me.  Will get one and post it as it is in the rules.

Intro - Hello!

Hi - just joined this community and I am really psyched to find you.  I just bought myself a nice sewing machine, the first I've had since my ex-husband stole mine about 12 years ago.  Don't ask.  I bought a Brother XR7700 which looks like a nice machine and I got it for what appears to be a very good price.  In the interests of following the rules and fitting in, I present the following:

Name/Nickname:  Erika, never had a nickname that stuck

Age: 52

Location: Long Island, NY

Occupation: Senior Technical Trainer for a software company

Size: 24/26 depending on various factors

Style: Classic, I guess.

Sewing Experience: I used to be really good, but I haven't made anything in a very long time.  So I am really excited about getting back into this.


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  • mkissa

Dress form

Made this video for ttmt but I talk about how I made a Med/Lrg dress form into a MKissa sized dress form. Don't mind the other crafties that are all mixed in there. I talk about the dress form at the beginning. I hope this helps someone else who might be trying to find a dress form in more their size.



Name/Nickname: elisa aka manikgrl

Age: 34

Location: san francisco

Occupation: inflight entertainment

Size: 14/16

Style: Gothic/Lolita/Punk with a touch of color! But I do love POOFY skirts with leggings or tights. I like to mix things up.

Sewing Experience: I took some classes. I can do the EASY patterns. I prefer to put in elastic vs zippers. My bf tells me that I am a 2 trick pony. Tote bags and poofy skirts are my specialty. LOL

People say that this pic kinda "dscribes" me best. "crazy"

I can not wait to see what projects are brewing. Today I may attempt to make a Hello Kitty tank.
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Burda Plus Magazine

Before I take the plunge and pay for a subscription, I wanted to ask for opinions about Burda Plus Magazine. Are the patterns in each issue clear, in English, and is the sizing comparable to other patterns?
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This might be slightly off-topic...

I checked out the book Yarn Bombing from my public library.

It got my wheels turning with some subversive public art ideas. I am thinking about some craft graffiti in my neighborhood as a response to a streak of graffiti/tagging last week. Has anyone on the list done anything with a crafted piece that they left in a public place to make a statement?
evil penguin

Quickie tutorial on how to turn a scarf into a top.

I've mentioned creating a bunch of things lately, and here's the scarf top I whipped out. This can be done in one evening, and it looks great!

Making a scarf top. Making a scarf top.
First, take a long scarf that is wider than your torso, and extra long, so you can make sleeves. This scarf measured 66".
I folded the scarf in half, and measured * I folded the scarf in half, and measured *
This will make the sleeves. The two halves remaining, I hemmed at the top, and left room for a neck hole.
Unfold the piece you cut off, and cut it in half lengthwise. Unfold the piece you cut off, and cut it in half lengthwise.
Hem both sides, and place them on the scarf halves you've already hemmed. Stitch the sleeves on.
The scarf top, finished. The scarf top, finished.
The sleeves were stitched shut after I placed them on the scarf halves, and then I stitched the sides closed. I used a basic boat neck for this, and left it loose-fitting. Don't you love the fringe?
And of course, with a belt. And of course, with a belt.
I'm going to enjoy this top a great deal. I hope you guys enjoy the quick tutorial.


Name/Nickname: Christine

Age: 37

Location: Minneapolis

Occupation: Social service program director

Size: 16/18

Style: Classic, but looking to spice things up.

Sewing Experience: My grandmother started teaching me to sew in kindergarten, by 5th grade I was sewing by myself with a machine. I design many of my sewn and knitted projects.
  • djonma

Proper Introduction!

Hiya everyone!
I did post a little bit as a comment on the introduce yourselves post, but here's my proper intro :-)

Name/Nickname: Nicola / Djon Ma (Djon Ma is part of my Buddhist Refuge name; Karma Dechen Djon Ma)

Age: 28

Location: England

Occupation: None - Disabled

Size: Don't know my current sizes, I've lost a lot of weight from having swine flu and then emergency surgery. I can't measure myself because of the surgery wounds.

Style: Umm.. I usually wear combats/jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt, quite often with a Bengals jersey. I don't really have a style hehe.

Sewing Experience: I can sew a button back on.... I know, I'm terrible! I want to learn to sew properly and make my own clothes and things like that!

Picture: This is from a couple of years ago, I've lost a lot of weight since then, mostly through illness. I don't have a more recent pic. The guy with me is my wonderful boyfriend, Rob.

The pic was taken by our good friend, karohemd

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