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Nov. 7th, 2009

bunny knuckles


Hi there!

Name/Nickname: Lauren (known to the intarwebz as bibliogrrl)

Age: 37

Location: Chicago!

Occupation: Bookseller

Size: 20ish.

Style: Old punk rocker? I have no idea. Hah. I wear skirts 95% of the time (if I'm wearing pants, it's usually laundry day), t-shirts, sweaters, sweaters/hoodies, kneesocks and usually docs.

I pretty much dress the same way I have for close to 15 years.

Sewing Experience: I taught myself to sew when I was 6ish, have been sewing ever since. I have been working on my grandmother's old machine for the last 19 years (it went forward and backward, that was all. An old Singer, built like a tank. I'll never get rid of it). I was given a new machine that does fancy things like ZIG ZAG! a week ago, and I'm losing my mind with excitement.

This is what I look like (well, back in July):

See my icon for what I look like now with no hair. :D


Just realized I never did this! *blushes*

Name/Nickname: Jenny/Jenna

Age: 35

Location: Maine, but Seattle soon.

Occupation: Seamstress & Online Sales

Size: 48-40-50 2X, usually (22-ish on top, 18/20 on bottom)

Style: varied "feminine gothic", pin-up, lolita, gothabilly
(from lace & layers to tight & slinky to bellydance & burlesque)

Sewing Experience: No formal training, but started hand-sewing at age 5, and made
own clothes in HS. Now I do costuming, alterations/re-construction
& I still make own clothes (as well as everyone else's!) *laughs*

Picture: That's hard, because I just lost everything when my last PC crashed.
At least you will know what I look like:


More/better pics to come!


ps. Edited to add that I'm 5'4", about 220 lbs.

Nov. 6th, 2009

Sally Sews for Jack


Welcome, welcome!!

Welcome to all the newly added community members!

Please post an introduction so we can all get to know you, maybe it is the kick in the tush this community needs to get to talking! 

Oct. 6th, 2009


Intro post


Name/Nickname: I'm a Cat-Head. Hecubus.

Age: 35

Location: Bloomington Indiana

Occupation: House wife, semi-professional bellydancer (ATS) and henna artist.

Size: ? maybe 2X? 46, 40, 50, generally. Hourglass/apple, if that "hour" is "two days."

Style: Comfy - things I can nap or do yoga in. Long skirts.

Sewing Experience: From childhood with a concentration in tailoring over the last ten years or so. I make most, if not all my dance costumes and I'm part of the SCA so I make garb (I'm Turkish and the husband is Norse). We both do rapier fencing so I make all of our armor too. And I'm working on learning to tailor for large men as there is nada in the way of good men's clothing in large sizes. I'm married to a Yeti.

Picture: Here's my most recent one, from a henna gig.

And a full body shot from the last round of publicity pics:

So here's a few things I'm working on right now Read more...Collapse )

Anyhow - hello, nice to be here/meet all of you!

Oct. 4th, 2009


could you take a king size sheet cut a head hole and wear it poncho style?

I saw a lounge cover up in a magazine, that reminded me of a basic poncho, and got the idea that maybe you could get discount silk sheets an do this yourself instead of trying to deal with a copmpany who thinks a size 3x is a size 20 28 .

Sep. 13th, 2009

Music - Colin Meloy


HI <3

Name/Nickname: Kyla, kay-kins

Age: 24

Location: Fargo, ND

Occupation: Student

Size: 22-24

Style: Ideally I'd like to be a fairy princess everyday but since that's not applicable to real life I pretty much stay up with fashion trends but I don't stick to one category.

Sewing Experience: I had sewing classes when I was younger but I've forgotten a lot of that knowledge so I just learn as I go with the help of the internet. I also have my amazing grandma who leaves just across town for help.


A collection of other photosCollapse )

Jul. 10th, 2009

Sally Sews for Jack


Oh the rage that this article unleashed in me...


Seriously? You are so desperate to find answers to your budget problems that you are blaming the FATS???

Come on...

(I'm not even from California and this makes me insane!)

Jun. 10th, 2009

Sally Sews for Jack


Alright girlies....

What the heck? 

Is no one sewing anything? 

I want to see pictures, or even just pictures of something you WANT to sew, ideas... anything!

This community can not be dead already -- "We've only just begun" !


I am so broke I am paying for groceries by donating plasma... so buying fabric is out of the question for now... but when I do get some extra cash I am SO making something... Anybody know of any good plus size sewing pattern companies that have a bigger selection than one shirt, one skirt and some dowdy dress? 

Jun. 1st, 2009

wasting my life


captain sharmie's intoduction

Hi! I've just been accepted into the community, I'm pretty excited to see it grow and develop because I've noted the same issue around searching for plus-size sewing communities...

Name/Nickname: Sharmylae, Sharmie for short. my name most places other than lj is captainsharmie.

Age: 19, tomorrow!

Location: Back and forth between Toronto and Guelph, Ontario in Canada

Occupation: Student at the Uni o' Guelph, currently working for them too.

Size: 18-22

Style: Most things. Mostly t-shirts and jeans right now, but I love dressing up and sometimes dress like a pirate just because. So mostly anything I can get away with, and some things i can't!

Sewing Experience: Very little. Learned how at like 12 when i was bored on holiday, but have only done hand sewing with a faint dream of more, but I've JUST gotten a brand new sewing machine for my birthday! So I'm ready for more. EDIT: oh yeah, almost forgot--my machine's name is hans. he's a Euro-Pro 32-stitch from Canadian Tire. From what I hear he's great for beginners!

They lie within!Collapse )

May. 7th, 2009

buffy tara dawn thumbwrestling ~ by: me


(no subject)

Name/Nickname: Chi

Age: 27

Occupation: artist/student

Size: Depending on the style, anywhere from 26 to 32

Style: I don't really have one. I'd rather wear non-mainstream clothing, but mostly just whatever is comfy.

Sewing Experience: Sewing for dolls, myself, friends, and cousins on and off since I was probably 10?

I have a few yards of this denim and want to make a skirt out of it, but can't find any of the commercial patterns in my size in fabric stores here. Would anyone happen to know where I can find an ankle-length (or nearly, or could feasibly/easily be lengthened) skirt pattern for size 30-32 that isn't a plain a-line or circle?

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