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April 2010

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tequiladawn in plus_size_sew

DIY underpants

Has anyone tried to make these yet, or anything like them? I'm really interested in the idea, but I've not actually had verification this will work for big butts! I'm fairly sure I'll need some modifications, just because I always do. http://www.wonderhowto.com/wonderment/old-t-shirts-reincarnated-as-underwear-0113360/  In point of note, I plan to try it anyway, so I'll let you know in a few days!


You have to come do it with me!! I've been meaning to do this for a LONG time as I have too many t-shirts and too few undies. I'm not planning on using their pattern, just taking one off undies that I like and maybe making some improvements and adjusting for a difference in stretch. I'm also pretty sure they will need elastic at least at the top.
Having made the cheeky panties that are on the burdastyle site (for someone smaller as part of a burlesque costume... and out of spandex, which I will never ever work with again if I can at all help it), I would recommend taking a look at that pattern, and then eyeballing some underwear you like a LOT. (or if you're willing to sacrifice a pair, DO EEEEEET).

I love the single seam on the cheeky panties, but hate the fact they don't make them big. I also like the way the waistband is done.

I've been looking at seam placement on a LOT of underwear (to try to avoid seams in the crotch) so I'm always interested in seeing what people come up with.
I tried making them, it turned out my butt was bigger than my shirt, and my shirt wasn't stretchy enough to fit... it was a bummer (hah! no pun intended), but maybe if you have bigger shirt and/or a smaller butt it would work. The pattern itself seemed to work, but it definitely needs some tweaking for a bigger build.
I might have to try that. Panties never fit my butt ever. If I do try I'll post about it.
I tried making a pair from a different tutorial but I didn't think hard enough about my fabric choice and they weren't strechy enough. But it was a fun project. Instead of using a pattern I cut up an old pair of my underware that fit well and used that for my pattern.

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i've done it before. I used a pattern and I also cut up a pair of my own underpants. The best one was a cut up pair of my own underpants but I modified it a bit to my butt. The only thing is the waist band. I put in my own non roll elastic...it was a tad bit bulky because the standard "lingerie" elastic just didn't cut it. the underpants kept "rolling" off. Good luck and can not wait to see what your outcome is.