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April 2010

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djonma in plus_size_sew

Proper Introduction!

Hiya everyone!
I did post a little bit as a comment on the introduce yourselves post, but here's my proper intro :-)

Name/Nickname: Nicola / Djon Ma (Djon Ma is part of my Buddhist Refuge name; Karma Dechen Djon Ma)

Age: 28

Location: England

Occupation: None - Disabled

Size: Don't know my current sizes, I've lost a lot of weight from having swine flu and then emergency surgery. I can't measure myself because of the surgery wounds.

Style: Umm.. I usually wear combats/jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt, quite often with a Bengals jersey. I don't really have a style hehe.

Sewing Experience: I can sew a button back on.... I know, I'm terrible! I want to learn to sew properly and make my own clothes and things like that!

Picture: This is from a couple of years ago, I've lost a lot of weight since then, mostly through illness. I don't have a more recent pic. The guy with me is my wonderful boyfriend, Rob.

The pic was taken by our good friend, karohemd


Welcome, my dear!
Thank you :-)

I hope people don't mind a total sewing newbie being here.
I really do want to learn to sew properly.
I would love to buy a sewing machine too, but they're kind of expensive, and unfortunately both my PC and my Fridge/Freezer have packed in, so they're my monetary priorities at the moment!
Well, I certainly don't mind a newbie. :) Your icon is just beautiful.

I have 2 machines: one from my mother (a Kenmore circa '85), and a Brother. I bought the Brother at Walmart for $100 in '04. After you've gotten a new PC & fridge, perhaps you can look around and find a similar deal?

I sew by hand a lot, still, and am open to any questions you have on the subject.

If you don't mind me asking, what is your disability/illness? I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis, so I may have some tips on making projects easier or more comfortable. :)